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Barkan Method Yoga
Bikram Yoga

Leah Johnson – Owner & Instructor

Leah has always been an athlete. A top runner in high school, she extended Leah has always been an athlete. A top runner in high school, she extended her running career at a Division 1 college in mid-distance events and cross-country.

Leah’s teaching experience began out of college as she started teaching middle school science and math and also coaching track teams. Eventually Leah found her way into triathlon competition and when running seemed to take more out of her than it gave, she found her way into a Bikram class taught by Terry Cunningham. Over the course of many years hatha yoga became a staple of Leah’s life. Still a runner, yoga offers balance for her body, mind, and spirit.

Through yoga, she has moved from barely touching her fingertips to the floor to reaching under her feet with straight legs. She has gained strength in her upper body with Barkan’s famous double chaturangas and built concentration and stamina to hold standing head-to-knee posture. But, most importantly, she has learned to breathe through challenging moments. She works to refrain from judgment of self and others, and can quiet her mind with more ease.

Leah completed her 200 hour RYT in 2014 with Jimmy Barkan, Barkan Level II Vinyasa training 2017, and Hot HIIT Certification (2017). She is also a certified mindfulness educator with Mindful Schools. She loves to work with students on alignment of postures and believes that there is a place for everyone in a yoga class.