Updated Schedules for the New Year!

Happy 2018!  Meet our updated schedules! As you begin to pursue the intentions you set for the new year, it will be useful to know exactly which classes are happening when at both studios! Check the schedules as we have updated times for some classes and new instructors teaching in some slots. Don’t fret, we haven’t changed everything 🙂

Why not try a new class this year? Check out a different class and learn something new! Maybe you’ve built the strength, flexibility, and concentration needed to try a class that you have always wondered about.

Also, for one more week, our $999 for an annual unlimited sale is still going on! Get the best price for one full year right now until January 15! *Annual unlimited membership starts on the day of purchase. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

In both studios, we are featuring Manduka yoga mats, towels, and some clothing. A high quality yoga mat and towel can make a big difference to your practice. To see the full line of Manduka items, visit their website. We currently carry different types of mats, yogitoes towels, eQua towels, and women’s clothing items. As there is more space in the storefront at Glenmont, more items are available at that location, but we will stock items in Latham, as well.

As always, we are constantly working to create a peaceful and courteous environment in each studio. Please consider doing your part to contribute to the overall experience for all clients. A couple guidelines to follow:

  • refrain from conversation with neighbors during class
  • please leave all cell phones items and personal outside of the classroom, on silent mode
  • if you must leave a class early, let the instructor know ahead of time and position yourself near a door for a quiet exit.
  • leaving during classes is disruptive to other practitioners. obviously there are times when people must leave, but this should not be routine.
  • if you are traveling to a class and realize you may be late, give the studio a call to let an instructor know to expect you. enter the room quietly and quickly.

We hope to provide an amazing experience to all of our students. We love to teach and practice! Keep in mind, if you are open to the full experience, you will change your body and your mind through yoga, and you will likely change your life!